Tori Stipcak Headshot by Heather Tabacchi


As a young girl, I was very interested in the outdoors and what nature had to offer. Naps in the grass, observing bugs, and collecting animal remnants filled my days. The following years provided opportunities that fostered a love for everything and anything creative, and I soon found myself with a camera in-hand. The marriage of my passion for photography and my interest in the environment has resulted in images that artfully highlight authenticity, and emphasize natural elements.  The nature-photography combo brings me to life. Set me loose outside with a camera and I'm in heaven. The only thing that could possibly make that combination any better is adding an enthusiastic client to the mix.

A regard for the fine details found in nature has translated into all facets of my style. The images I produce can be described as colorful and crisp, with a bit of edge and packed with emotion. And of course lots and lots of nature-vibes!

When I’m not on photographic adventures, my time is spent trying new recipes, bonding with my cat ‘Beasley,’ and spending time outside!

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photographer in levity in Indiana, PA


Member of Professional Photographers of America