THE PLACE FOR SMILES / by Victoria Stipcak

When I met Kelly + Cassie at their consultation, I of course inquired about their history and probed them on their favorite pastimes. It didn’t take long before they spilled the cutest (and most unique) fact; Kelly and Cassie have visited 31 out of 68 Eat’n Parks!! About two seconds after learning this, I had an epiphany… EAT’N PARK SHOULD BE THE LOCATION OF THEIR E-SESSION. And because they’re the coolest, they were all in.

Not much time had passed until we had a date set and found the Dormont Eat’n Park to be the most fitting restaurant. The pair made themselves cozy in a booth, and shared laughs + snuggles over a milkshake and a famous smiley cookie! The session ended outside (and at that time, the coldest day of the year) with the most beautiful light shining over the two.

Check out the images of Cassie + Kelly below to see why they call it “The Place for Smiles.” :)

couple shares eatn' park cookie
booth kiss
couple shares milkshake
overhead view of couple cuddling
ring on milkshake
ring on eatn' park cookie
couple cuddles in booth
milkshake on nose
couple kisses behind menu
large building in snow
snowy kisses
winter alleyway kiss